Thanks for a terrific Robotic and Emergent Systems (RES) art exhibition and symposium! RES-Arts was an examination of the interplay between modern science and modern culture. The goal was to provide an environment where scientists and artists would come together to consider how technologies shape our perspectives along with our modern world.

RES-Arts took place in Bloomington, Indiana, USA during the first week of June, 2006. Two important science and technology conferences coincided with each other there during that week. One was the International Conference on Development and Learning (ICDL 06) The other was Artificial Life (ALife X). ALife is a forum for sharing work between researchers who investigate the fundamental properties of living systems through the simulation and synthesis of life-like processes in artificial media. ICDL is a forum for researchers to present current work and theories on autonomous development in people, animals, and robots. A strong international community of scientists and innovators working from a variety of directions on mechanisms for emergent, intelligent, and social behavior came together. A portion of the RES-Arts exhibition was comprised of projects demonstrating ideas and theories presented at the conferences. The other portion came from select artists as they interpreted themes and roles of robotics, artificial life, emergent behavior, autonomous agents, and social-oriented mechanisms. Putting these works side by side on public display was meant to maximize dialog amongst researchers, artists, and public alike. What came of this assembledge of people and ideas is discussed on the symposium page of this site.

We thank the artists and sponsors and many others for their contributions. Without the talent and generous support of everyone involved, RES-Arts would not have been possible.

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